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You may need an entry visa or residence permit when coming to study in the Netherlands. Find out what might apply to you.


Requirements residence permit

If you hold a non-EU or non-EEA nationality and do not have a residence permit for the Netherlands, you will usually need an entry visa and a residence permit for study purposes.

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Financial requirements

Before AUAS Immigration Affairs can send in your application to the IND all financial requirements must be met.

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IND Desk

Collect your residence permit

AUAS notifies you when your permit is ready. You must then make an appointment to pick it up from IND.

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Maintain your residence permit

If you are following a Bachelor's, Master's or Associate Degree's programme and have a residence permit for study purposes, you must meet several requirements.

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Immigration and municipality

Finishing your studies

As your AUAS studies come to an end, you need to take some steps with regards to immigration and your local municipality.

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Not able to find what you are looking for? Check the Frequently Asked Questions about immigration.

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