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Your minor tailors your programme to suit your passions, while expanding your career choices. On this page you'll see what options are available to you.

Follow a minor at AUAS

The Kies op Maat website lets you follow a minor at AUAS while studying at another institution. There you'll find the list of minors offered by AUAS with instructions on how to register. It's a great way to follow the path that best suits you while keeping the focus on your main line of study.

AUAS minors on Kies op Maat
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Application procedure non-AUAS students

  • Are you enrolled at an institution within the Kies Op Maat (KOM) network? Then the rules and agreements of Kies op Maat apply.
  • Are you a student at an institution outside the Kies Op Maat network? Then different rules apply. If your educational institution does not want to cover the cost of our minor, then you can enrol as a course participant. In the academic year 2023-2024 the cost of a minor (30 EC) is € 4.573. You must pay this amount before the start of the programme. Applying for a minor through a secondary admission is prohibited on the basis of the WHW (article 7:48, clause 1) and its elaboration in the annotation Helderheid in de bekostiging van het hoger onderwijs (2004).
  • Are you an alumnus, course participant, a student of a non-subsidized program (private programmes, contract education) or an international student (except for exchange students who come to AUAS on the basis of a bilateral agreement*)? Then you can choose from the minors we offer on Kies op Maat. However, you cannot apply directly through Kies op Maat. Please contact AUAS instead to explore the possibilities. When you are admitted to a minor, you will have to arrange matters such as financial settlement yourself. In the academic year 2023-2024 the cost of a minor (30 EC) is € 4.573. You will receive an invoice before the start of the minor.
  • Please note that there is a limited number of minor slots available. Placement takes place in order of arrival signed (Kies op Maat) learning agreement.
* more information for exchange students


Check who you can reach out to

Alumni, course participants and students of non-government-funded programs
Via Kies op Maat contact person(opens in new window)
International students and Exchange students
International office of the offering faculty