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Financial matters

On this page you can find out the kind of costs you can expect while studying at AUAS so you can carefully plan your budget while you're here.

Tuition fees

Find out what level of tuition fees you need to pay to study at AUAS. Fees are based on your nationality and whether you have studied before.

Learn about tuition fees

Cost of living in Amsterdam

As an international student in Amsterdam, you will need a budget to cover rent, food, insurance, transport and other expenses. Here's a breakdown of what to expect.

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The NL Scholarship and Amsterdam Talent Scholarship are open to students from outside the European Economic Area. See how to apply and what further sources of funding might be available to you.

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Insurance icon with medical cross

You need to be insured when studying in the Netherlands. Find out here what to do to make sure you are fully covered and which insurance works best for you, from health insurance to liability and more.

Insurance explained

Open a Dutch bank account

Having a Dutch bank account is a convenient way to access money and make payments while you are here. Several banks here offer accounts for international students.

Start banking in the Netherlands

Working while studying

a student working a part time job beside their studies

When you come to the Netherlands and start to work alongside your studies certain rules and regulations apply. For example the number of hours you are allowed to work might be restricted. It is important to be aware of the regulations so please read them carefully.

Working while studying