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Academic calendar

The key dates and holidays this year at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The AUAS academic year is divided into five educational terms. On this page you'll find the dates for each term, as well as the university-wide holidays. Your course may have its own breaks - you'll receive information on these from your programme department.

Academic year 2023-2024

Semester 1

First period

04-09-2023 - 10-11-2023

Second period

13-11-2023 - 02-02-2024
Semester 1 ends after the second period

No classes

Christmas break

25-12-2023 - 06-01-2024
Semester 2

Third period

05-02 2024 - 12-04-2024

Fourth period

15-04-2024 - 05-07-2024
No classes

Good Friday


Easter Monday

King's day27-04-2024
May holidays29-04-2024 - 04-05-2024
Ascension day09-05-2024 and 10-05-2024
Whit Monday20-05-2024

Semester 2 ends after the fourth period

Fifth period

08-07-2024 - 30-08-2024

*Please note that all of the periods shown here end on the last day mentioned: up to and including that date.