Aviation Academy

Master of Aviation Maintenance

Part-time programme for professionals in MRO

The Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) – in cooperation with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) – is proud to present the part-time Master of Aviation Maintenance (MAM) degree programme for professionals. During this programme, students will develop practical and analytical approaches to problem-solving that will help them meet the challenges of managing and leading an aviation maintenance organization.

The objective of the MAM programme is to provide knowledge and develop the skills and abilities necessary for students to become effective supervisors, leaders, and managers in the aviation maintenance industry. The programme is also suitable for professionals who already have experience in supervisory and managerial roles and who are committed to lifelong learning and continuous professional development.

The part-time MAM degree programme has been designed for professionals who seek to advance within their current organizations. It is an online learning programme offered by ERAU and supported by the Aviation Academy of AUAS.

Online learning has the benefits of a flexible schedule with multiple start times throughout the year. Embry-Riddle has decades of experience with students who need this flexibility due to work or family commitments. Personalized degree maps allow you to draw up your own plan to graduate on time, wherever you are in the world whatever other obligations are.

The Embry-Riddle MAM programme consists of the following 10 modules, each worth 3 credits:

  1. Aircraft maintenance management
  2. Aviation/aerospace safety programme management
  3. Integrated logistics in aviation management
  4. Safety, health and environmental legislation, litigation & compliance
  5. Managerial accounting for decision-making
  6. Leadership in global aviation maintenance organizations
  7. Global maintenance resource management
  8. Strategic management of global maintenance, repair and overhaul operations
  9. Project management for aviation maintenance
  10. Aviation maintenance graduation project

Successful course alumni are entitled to place the MAM title after their name. This signifies that they possess advanced knowledge within a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics, including aviation MRO, high order skills analysis, critical evaluation, professional application, and the ability to solve complex problems efficiently and independently.

The total programme consists of 30 credits and has been accredited by the US Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Each module of the MAM programme represents a 100-hour workload, typically undertaken over a nine-week period. The duration of the entire course is 24 months.

Graduates will receive a Master of Aviation Maintenance degree (MAM).

This programme is targeted at current and potential supervisors and managers of aviation maintenance programmes. To be admitted to this programme, students must have:

  • A US bachelor's degree (or equivalent European degree); or
  • Several years of relevant experience in an MRO environment.

We expect participants to be currently employed in an MRO organization. This will enable immediate recognition and application of the theory, active participation during the in-class sessions, and the facilitation of an appropriate graduation project.

Dr. Bettina Mrusek is an assistant professor with the College of Aeronautics for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She holds a PhD in Business Administration from Northcentral University, an MBA and BS in Management from Park University, and is the Programme Chair for the Master of Aviation Maintenance. Bettina also served in the US Marine Corps for 14 years as an avionics communication and navigation technician and supervisor for multiple aircraft platforms. Her experience extends to operations, avionics systems, safety, aircraft maintenance and inspections, general aviation, and management. She has been a faculty member with Embry-Riddle since 2016, and teaches both undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Konstantinos Stamoulis is currently an associate professor of Aviation Maintenance Engineering at AUAS. He holds a PhD in Structural Analysis (University of Thessaly, Greece), an MSc in Materials Science and Engineering (MIT, US) and an MSc in Applied Mechanics (National Technical University of Athens, Greece). He was formerly a senior officer in the Hellenic Air Force, having served as an aeronautical engineer for 25 years in maintenance, design and airworthiness organizations. He is also an experienced educator and researcher, and has been working with students at the undergraduate and graduate level since 2004.

Each module requires an approximate investment of €1680, payable to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

If you wish to know more about the MAM and about how to enrol, please contact us at mam@amsterdamuas.com.

ERAU was founded to educate pilots and mechanics, and it remains the leader in the field. Students are surrounded by people who share the same passion for excellence, precision, and safety. The demand for aviation maintenance specialists has never been greater, and with a degree, graduates are positioned for advancement into management. ERAU graduates emerge from the aviation maintenance programme with the ability to manage the servicing, troubleshooting, and repair of aircraft.

The Aviation Academy performs practical scientific research relating to real-life cases and problems in the aviation sector, focusing on safety, MRO process improvement, and aviation operations. Our goal is to improve and innovate professional practice. We perform all of our research projects in close cooperation with industry, governmental agencies and the scientific community. This ensures a solid connection with state-of-the-art scientific knowledge, as well as a focus on the most urgent problems and challenges on the shop floor.

Published by  Faculty of Technology 26 July 2021