Virtual Fashion Design: the new real

AMFI is unique in her education on 3D Virtual Fashion and 3D Research & Technology that relate to Mixed Reality Fashion, performance and industry. We like to give you the opportunity to be part of this developments and the change of paradigm in fashion. Sign-up and join our intensive two-week summer course on Virtual Fashion Design: THE NEW REAL. Scroll down to download the course guide!

Course content

Within this course you will gain insights and knowledge on the influence of new technologies that are of great importance for the fashion industry. You learn to get insights and knowledge on the influence of 3D virtual prototyping on the Fashion industry and developments that show virtual fashion in AR/MR and AI. You will learn to translate ideas and vision into experiments, garment design, virtual prototypes and a final presentation of 3D simulated end products. Create and produce in a sustainable way, discover the new design possibilities, rethink traditional working methods and design together the company of the future. What will be your role by then?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop in a small group a future fashion company concept with new technology and 3d virtual fashion.
  • Translate ideas and vision into free-style experiments and digital end products, relate them to fashion, technology and industry.
  • Create a digital twin according to a physical existing garment relate to fashion, technology and industry.
  • Use your knowledge of traditional craftsmanship for garment realization in 3D virtual prototyping , research how they are related.
  • Build up knowledge about contemporary and creative technology in fashion and develope ideas on sustainability from design to end product.
  • Work in an organized manner and communicate the learning process individually and as part of a team.
  • Obviously, the level of process and (end) products will relate to the student’s mindset and skill-set on arrival.

Fantasy Dress 2 by Sarah Alvarez Vinagre, Virtual Fashion Design student 2021

For whom

The course is conceived for advanced fashion students (bachelor or master level) and professionals.
You’re wiling to develop 3D skills to conceptualize your fashion vision and materializing through the use of 3D simulation technology in fashion. You learn to get insights and knowledge on the influence of 3D virtual prototyping on the Fashion industry and developments that show virtual fashion in AR/MR and AI.


Are you applying for the course Virtual Fashion Design? Then make sure to make housing arrangements on your own. The AUAS does not offer housing for participants of this course. Please check our Housing page for housing alternatives.

Hypercraft video by Ruben Jurriën


This course is taught by excellent lecturers, with years of experience in the field of 3D fashion, digital technology and education.

Ineke Siersema

Ineke Siersema, AMFI lecturer and Summer course coördinator, is a passionat innovater in 3D virtual fashion. Her Master of Art Education was dedicated to 3D and she implemented outcomes on the AMFI curriculum. As a CLO3d expert inspires you on the endless possibilitys and new workingmethodes.The development of your digital craftmanship and the inspiring influence on your design process are leading. She will teach and guide you to create your tangible virtual end-products and develop your vision on 3D digital fashion.

Lisette Vonk

Iisette is a lecturer at AMFI and coördinator in the HVA Atelier VR/AR for interdisciplinary and future education. As a researcher in our Lectoraat Fashion & Technology she initiates interesting 3D projects. She will introduce and show you most important topics and projects related to 3D technology and fashion in a workshop and Masterclass. Bodyscanning is one of her many expertises she will challenge you to dive into 3d developments related to virtual fashion design. She will guide you in the group assignment.

Miro Board by Noah Strijbos, Virtual Fashion Design student in 2021

Emma van Gerven

Emma graduated at AMFI in 2019 as a 3D designer that relates to broad knowledge in 3Dfashion related to VR and AR, she presented a VR modular knit experience for her graduation. She works as a VR artist together with different companys as and HYPERcurve studio and Auroboros. As a teacher at AMFI she will introduce 3D working methodes in different workshops where products will be realised and presented.

Julie Zil VostaLova

Julie Zil VostaLova, graduated from AMFI in 2016 with the first No-waste Phygital collection. Circular thinking and No-Waste design principles are her expertise alongside Avatar design. She collaborates as a 3D fashion designer with various companies and disciplines, is founder of OFFOPRM3D and GIZ’ and the 3D lead in Prague. She collaborated with the progressive 3D Helsinki fashion week. As a guest lecturer, she will inspire on circular thinking and advise on artistic approach and performance to explore the intersection of technology and fashion. She will guide you in the group assignment.

Assist and Present

Assist and Present, we ask the best students and graduates, in the house, to present and assist in this Summer course, and that is difficult because there are many. We also invite guest speakers from outside AMFI to talk about 3D developments, inspiring for all. Graduates assist the teachers in class and have knowledge related to this course for best help. We are proud of their passionate cooperation!

Practical information

Mode Short-term
Language of instruction English
Type of assessment

Portfolio of practices and prototypes in 3D - 50 %
Fashion soltion development with technology - 30%
Presentation - 20%



Application deadline

Deadline for application: 15 June 2022

Course level/ Entry requirements Conceived for advanced fashion students, bachelor- or master level and professionals from the industry.
Start/End-date Monday 4 July - Friday 15 July 2022
Study load Two weeks, Monday to Friday. Contact hours 80, Self study hours 40.
Tuition fee € 1,150.00 for professionals, €250 for students with discount code


Type of diploma Certificate Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Summer School
Published by  AUAS Summer School 23 May 2022