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Publishing your research? The AUAS has a 100% Open Access policy. On this page you will find all the information you need to succesfully publish your work.

The AUAS’ ‘100% Open Access’ policy and the step-by-step plan result in that AUAS researchers, for example, must submit their publication to PURE (AUAS repository), with the option of an embargo for a maximum of 6 months.

The infographic contains all the information, conditions, and steps detailing how to make your publication available open access according to AUAS policy.

Article in a Journal

There are three ways to publish an article open access:

  1. Publish the article via the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (see p.2 infographic)
  2. Publish the article directly in an open access journal (see p.3 infographic)
  3. Publish the article in a traditional journal (see p.4 infographic)

Book / Conference Paper / Research Series

The digital version of the publication can be published with the AUAS. You can request an ISBN number for your publication, if so desired.

Requesting Embargo Period (or Waiver)

As the author you can request an embargo period (waiver) for a maximum of 6 months (see p.4). This means that your publication will not be made openly available until the embargo period has ended.

Embargo request form (Waiver)

Uploading AUAS Publication to PURE

As a AUAS researcher you are required to upload your publications to PURE (AUAS repository). This pertains to the final approved version of the article or book (peer review manuscript).


In the process of writing and publishing you may come across technical jargon that you don’t know the meaning of. Here you can find an overview of these words and their meaning.


For more information please contact:

One of the Library’s research contacts

openaccess@hva.nl (for publishing and open access questions)

PURE@hva.nl (concerning PURE)

Published by  HvA Library 19 September 2018