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Study check

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) study check helps you to ensure that the programme you've chosen is a good match with your skills and interests. After completing the study check, you will receive personalised advice based on your results. AUAS wants you to make a study choice that suits you. Therefore, the study check is a mandatory step in the enrolment procedure for all full-time degree programmes.

What is the study check?

The study check consists of various assignments which help you find out if the degree programme you’ve chosen really suits you. The study check is mandatory for all full-time degree programmes at the AUAS.

Different admission procedures apply for full-time programmes with a limited number of places (numerus fixus) and Master's programmes. For more information on study check for part-time programmes, please refer to the description of the part-time programme that you're interested in.

Have you found a full-time degree programme that suits you? Then your first step is to submit your enrolment application via Studielink (, the Dutch system used to apply for higher education. From 1 October 2021 up until 1 May 2022 you can apply for the academic year of 2022-2023. Refer to the step-by-step enrolment procedure for specific information.

An exception is made for students who are currently studying at another degree programme of AUAS or another institution (university of applied sciences or university) and want to (or have to) switch: they are allowed to submit their enrolment application up until 15 August. If you enrolled for another degree programme before the 1 May deadline but decide to change your study choice after that date, AUAS also allows you to submit another application up until 15 August.

After you have submitted your enrolment application you will receive a confirmation email, and from mid January onwards the degree programme will send you an invitation for the study check. You need to schedule an appointment for your study check within 4 weeks after receiving the invitation.

Please note that the AUAS will send aforementioned emails to the email address that you registered with in Studielink. Emails sent bij the AUAS may end up in your spambox. Make sure to check this mailbox regularly.

Enrolled in multiple programmes?

If you enrol in more than one programme at the AUAS, you will be required to take part in a separate study check for each programme. This means you will also receive separate invitations from each programme.

The study check is compulsory for all full-time degree programmes. The elements of the study check vary per programme, but generally comprise:

  • an online questionnaire
  • a homework assignment, for instance:
    • viewing an online lecture and/or
    • reading an article and/or
    • completing a practical assignment

You will finish the study check with a graded assignment. Examples of this are:

  • a knowledge-test about the homework and the lecture or
  • a presentation based on a practical assignment.

Depending on the covid-19 measures, one or more components of the study check will take place physically at AUAS. To find out how the study check of your programme is composed, please refer to the degree programme’s information page.

If you're not living in the Netherlands at the time of the study checks, you can participate in the study check via an online procedure and/or a Skype interview. This also applies to students living in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

If you have a disability that prevents you from participating in the current study check procedure, you can send an email to the student counsellors office via

It is important to include the programme name that you want to do the study check for, and to note the adjustments that you require in order to participate in the study check. The student counsellor of the programme will then advise the programme on your situation.

If you have a disability for which you received extra exam time during your preceding studies/examinations, you don't need to make any prior arrangements: the extra time will already be incorporated into the study check procedure.

For more information, see studying with a disability.

Each programme offers several opportunities to take part in the study check. Some programmes organise their study check days as early as February, March or April. All programmes organise study check days from June to around mid July.

There will be multiple dates to choose from, but be aware that we can accommodate a limited number of participants per day. We therefore recommend that you register as soon as possible, within four weeks after receiving your invitation. If you don't register, you cannot complete the study check and won't be able to enrol for the programme.

You can cancel your study check through the programme administration.

You may only submit a request to change the date for your study check if you have a valid reason to do so. Examples of valid reasons include an accident, an unexpected exam resit or a funeral. You will however be expected to provide proof of the specified reason. Illness may qualify as a valid reason, but the programme will want to see a statement from your parents or doctor if possible.

Examples of invalid reasons include having to take a driving test or going on a holiday that you booked after having registered via Studielink.

The latest possibility to change the date of the study check using the date selector varies per programme. Refer to the confirmation mail that you have received to see which deadline applies. Please keep in mind that the number of available places may be limited when choosing a new date.

If you fail to attend the study check, you will automatically receive an email outlining the procedure for explaining your absence. The programme administration will then contact you to discuss your absence and determine whether or not you had a valid reason not to attend.

Please note that emails from the AUAS can end up in your spambox. Make sure to check your spambox regularly. It's also wise to add to your list of safe senders.

Within two weeks of the study check, you will receive personalised study check advice based on the results of the various study check components. The advice will be sent to the email address you registered with in Studielink.

The study check advice is meant to motivate you to reflect on your study choice once again. Have you chosen a degree programme that suits you? You will receive either a positive advice or a development advice. A positive advice is valid for two years and a development advice one year.

If you disagree with a decision made during the study check process, you can lodge an objection. For example: you were unable to attend the study check day and believe you had a valid reason, but the programme administration disagrees.

Before lodging a formal objection, try to discuss the situation with the programme administration by submitting your question through the Digital Service Point. If you fail to reach a solution, you can lodge an objection with the Objections, Appeals and Complaints Office. Make sure to do so within six weeks after receiving your study check advice. You can expect to receive a reply as soon as possible, but at the latest within four weeks after lodging your objection.


Do you, after reading the information on this page and consulting the FAQ, still have questions about the study check?

Published by  Student Affairs 4 January 2022