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Applied Quantum Computing Summer School

Develop hands on skills and learn about the potential of Quantum Computing. Includes guest speakers and visits to leading research hubs.

Learn about the potential of Quantum Computing at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences summer school

3-14 July 2023

Quantum Computing is making incredible progress in both hardware and software. Although fault-tolerant, full-scale quantum computing is not expected in the next five to ten years, companies must get ready for a technology that will be embedded in many advanced fields.  Quantum computers' potential use as a security threat also makes quantum security an urgent and growing topic.

The Applied Quantum Computing summer course offers several perspectives on quantum computing. Students will receive an introduction to understanding and developing applications for this far-sighted and rapidly developing topic.

The course includes a one-day excursion to leading innovation hubs Quantum Delft, Nikhef, QuSoft and The Quantum Experience Amsterdam.

Who should join?

Students fascinated by new and emerging technologies. 


  • Basic Programming skills
  • Interest in mathematics
The Summer school: Applied quantum computing prepares you with hands-on skills and visits to leading research campuses

Learning objectives

During this course, you will learn:

  • How to implement a basic quantum algorithm and understand its behaviour
  • How to use a platform specific for a quantum computing environment to implement a basic application
  • About the international race to engineer a quantum computer
  • About the quantum computing ecosystem in the Netherlands, Europe and globally
  • To discern between reality and hype around quantum computing

Learning activities

  • Presentations by AUAS staff and external speakers
  • Quantum computing workshops where you learn hands-on skills
  • International project teams of 3 to 5 students
  • Team progress reports and presentations
  • Visits to scientific and commercial quantum computing organisations.
The Summer school: Applied quantum computing prepares you with hands-on skills and visits to leading research campuses

Teaching methods

  • Lectures
  • Workshops with exercises
  • Teamwork
  • Presentations by students


Marten Teitsma

Ed Kuipers

Bernardo Villalba Frias

See the work of the AUAS Applied Quantum Computing research group

Course fee


 You'll be sent information on how to pay after registration.


Participants are responsible for their own accommodation. Amsterdam gets very busy in the summer and affordable accommodation is scarce. We therefore recommend that you organise accommodation as soon as possible.

See recommended hostels and hotels



To apply, please register on the Students Come & Go platform

  • Choose HBO-ICT (Short programmes)
  • Click 'Register'
  • Confirm your password via the email sent to you
  • Create a profile
  • Select 'No I am not an exchange student'
  • Click 'Enrol' (top left corner)
  • Select 'Applied Quantum Computing' 
  • Under choose, click on the '+' on the right
  • Choose 'Submit my enrolment'



Marlies Nijenhuis and Janet Hofstra

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