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Dr. N. Karanikas (Nektarios) MSC, PMP, CENG, GRADIOSH, MIET, MRAES

Associate Professor

Dr. Nektarios Karanikas is Associate Professor of Safety and Human Factors in the Aviation Academy of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He studied Aeronautical Engineering in the Hellenic Air Force Academy, MSc Human Factors and Safety Assessment in Aeronautics at Cranfield University and he was awarded a doctorate in Safety and Quality Management from Middlesex University. Apart from his tertiary academic studies, Dr. Karanikas has completed a variety of professional courses (e.g., Safety Officers, Aviation Safety Management, Operations Management, Mishap Investigation and Failure Analysis courses).

Dr. Karanikas was an officer in the Hellenic Air Force for 18 years; he served in positions linked to maintenance management and quality assurance, safety research and accident investigation. Also, he was a lecturer for safety courses in the Hellenic Air Force Academy and instructor for occupational health & safety, accident investigation and human factors courses in the Technical NCO Academy and Safety Schools – Seminars of the Hellenic Air Force.

Dr. Karanikas holds the CEng, GradIOSH, PMP and Human Factors Specialist professional certifications and he has been member of various European and international bodies (HFES Europe Charter, FSF, EAAP, ISASI, IET, RAeS and PMI). His research interests include safety management performance assessment, safety performance metrics, integration of SMS with other management systems and the evaluation of human factors related programs and tools.

Dr. Nektarios Karanikas is currently assigned with the following tasks:

  • Leading the educational and research staff of Safety & Human Factors.
  • Lecturing on Safety & Human Factors topics in the Bachelor program.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Developer and instructor of professional master classes.
  • Supervision of (post)graduate theses and internship assignments.
  • Lead researcher and project manager for internal and externally funded research projects, including co-supervision and coaching of PhD student(s).
  • Chair of Program Committee of the International Cross-industry Safety Conference (ICSC) annually organized by the Aviation Academy.