Partnering to drive urban progress

The AUAS is a knowledge institution that is inseparable from the city of Amsterdam. Our applied research delivers valuable insights that contribute to the evolution of the city.

We don’t do this alone: collaboration is at the heart of our research and is undertaken with a range of stakeholders, from entrepreneurs and SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) to the public sector and leading businesses and NGOs. By joining forces and pooling our knowledge in this so-called collabrative 'triple-helix' (academia, industries and governments), we can strengthen our societal impact and expand our reach both within, and beyond, Amsterdam.

Our research is firmly anchored in professional practice: it always addresses a pressing problem from the field, involving both professors and industry professionals alike. The process of creating value via the dissemination of knowledge, to enable social and economic progress and create innovative products, services and processes, is a hallmark of higher professional education. It's also embedded at the AUAS.

What can we offer our partners?

AUAS partners have access to a wealth of urban expertise, across diverse disciplines. Our city-focused knowledge includes topics such as urban vitality, management issues in metropolitan areas, studying and teaching in cities, technological solutions for liveable environments, corporate frameworks for increasingly international societies and creative IT-driven solutions to social issues: these are among the topics that we tackle as a knowledge institution, in cooperation with our regional and international partners. Together, we aim to make a difference in the city by bundling our expertise on themes related to urban progress, both socially and economically.

Contact us

Are you our next partner? We welcome all types of ideas for new collaborations. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following partnership opportunities:

  • Joint research projects
  • Participation in our U!REKA consortium
  • Business research/case studies
  • Innovation advice
  • Student internships and graduation projects

Our experienced force of professors, lecturers, students and support staff are ready to connect you with the right person at the AUAS.

Visit our Find an expert page to get started.

Published by  Communication 28 October 2019