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“This Master’s programme is the opportunity of a lifetime”

Students talk about Digital Design

20 Oct 2017 11:16 | Faculty of Digital Media and Creative Industries

Adriaan Oudemans calls the international Master’s programme in Digital Design, which opened its doors at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) for the first time this academic year, the opportunity of a lifetime.

“Here the focus is on digital technology; it’s the perfect complement to my existing knowledge and skills.” Adriaan, a 25-year-old Dutch student, just completed his AUAS Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, specializing in Product Design. “I felt I hadn’t finished learning, and I wanted to do more with my design skills.”

The same applies to the Egyptian student Chantal Ramzy (25), who studied Graphic Design in Cairo before starting to work at a design agency. “I wanted to learn more about digital design, and to develop myself further. That’s definitely going to happen at the AUAS.” The Master’s degree in Digital Design focuses on interactive design, and brings together several different disciplines. There is also a lot of actual interaction, both between students and with the business community.

Exchange of knowledge

The programme’s international students come from all over the world. “The division is 50/50 – that’s what so nice about it,” says Adriaan. “It’s really interesting; you learn from each other, and about each other’s cultures.” Chantal agrees completely. “Everyone here comes from a different background, and the exchange of knowledge is really good.”

Knowledge transfer also comes through the five companies to have signed up as ‘key partners’ to the new Master in Science. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), VodafoneZiggo, the ANWB, Informaat and DigitasLBi play an active role in the programme, providing students with projects that seek solutions to real-world design problems and supervising them during this design process.

An innovative way of education

“That’s very special, and progressive”, remarks Chantal. “Most Masters’ degrees are purely academic, and very traditional. That’s exactly why I chose to do my Master’s here in Amsterdam.” She is currently working on a project with DigitasLBi. “It’s about creative digital storytelling. I’m working with my team to make them more interactive.” Adriaan’s current project is with the WWF, making companies more aware of the importance of sustainability and trying to bring about behavioural changes. “It’s a difficult assignment, but I like the challenge”, he decides.