Sport Studies - track ISMB Alumni Network

As a Sport Studies - track ISMB alumnus, you are automatically a member of our Alumni Network with more than 2,000 members. A strong network is incredibly valuable, not only for when you’ve just graduated, but also later in your career. The Alumni Network facilitates connections with old fellow students, lecturers and current students.

Alumnus - Sport Studies - track ISMB

You only get as much out of the programme as you put into it.

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Looking for a new job? Freelancers? Experts? Or inspiration? Benefit from a valuable network at your fingertips! Connect with professionals all over the world and in different fields of work. It doesn't matter where you live or work, as part of the Alumni Network you will always stay connected.


  • Access to the exclusive Sport Studies - track ISMB & Sportkunde - leerroute SM&O Alumni LinkedIn to increase your Linkedin network and gain access to relevant (sport) job vacancies and projects.
  • Newsletters where we share event updates, highlight relevant vacancies and provide more information about the podcast series Inside Out.
  • Invitations to network drinks and industry-specific panels at unique locations. Meet other alumni and get inspired. From talent managers, CEOs, top athletes and DJs to marketing experts and entrepreneurs; the Alumni Network is extremely diverse!
  • Invitations to speak during the Sport Studies - track ISMB College Tours at the Dokter Meurerlaan. Reconnect with teachers, students and other alumni. The perfect opportunity to find the perfect intern(s), recruit new colleagues and get involved in the various (sports) projects.
Published by  Faculty Sports and Nutrition 2 February 2023