Copy of your diploma

Have you lost your diploma? Below you can read how to obtain a copy.

You can receive a free copy of your diploma via the Central Student Administration by completing this form.

You can download a free extract your diploma at the DUO website (Dutch only). This extract has the same value as your diploma.

If you need a translation of your diploma please contact a certified translator. The AUAS does not offer a translation service.

You can get a copy of your transcript (list of marks) at the results administration of your degree programme.

Are you an international student who plans to return home after your studies at the AUAS? Or perhaps you’re already abroad and need to have your AUAS diploma legalised or are looking for an internationally accepted description of your degree certificate?

Click here for information on diploma legalisation and the diploma supplement.

If you haven’t obtained your diploma but you need a copy of your transcript or your first-year diploma, please submit your request in the Digital Service Point.

Published by  Communication 15 April 2020