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Join the AUAS Alumni Community

Are you a graduate of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) or a programme run by one of the AUAS predecessors? Then you can proudly call yourself an AUAS alum!

Registering for the AUAS Alumni Community is straightforward and ensures that you can stay in touch with us, on your own terms. 

How to sign up 

In September 2018, an email was sent by the AUAS to all alumni. This email contains a link to your personal profile in our AUAS Alumni Community (user name and password). If you did not recieve this email, please send a message to alumni@hva.nl and we will provide you with the information required to sign up. 

The next step is to register as an alumni on our official portal: hva.nl/alumnicommunity. You'll see a log in screen asking for your user name and password, which you've previously recieved in an email from us. 

Your data is in your hands

As a member of the AUAS Alumni Community you’ll always have access to your personal information and preferences. It’s up to you to decide which types of emails you’d like to recieve and how you’d like to stay in touch with us. If you no longer want to connect with the AUAS, it’s easy to leave the community at any time.  

It's also possible that you're an AUAS alumni but have not yet been contacted by us. By registering or updating your details whenever you move house or change jobs, you'll be sure to hear from us and stay informed about interesting alumni opportunities.

If you graduated more than five years ago and have not heard anything from the AUAS in the meantime, please be sure to check your details and update your preferences. We also encourage alumni from the predecessors of the AUAS to join our network!

Published by  Communication 6 November 2018