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AMSIB lecturers and alumni connecting

12 Jun 2019 15:38 | Amsterdam School of International Business

AMSIB alumni may remember being taught by the Spanish lecturer, Míriam Olid Goñi. For a number of years, Míriam has grown her network of alumni through the connections and relationships that she builds with all her students. As of this year, she also teaches Professional Branding. This offered her a great opportunity to involve alumni in the current student’s education.

So far, she has reached out to alumni to provide a short video on why professional development is important. She received input from seven alumni who work for organisations such as Cool Blue, LinkedIn and Mattel. The videos have been well received by the students who appreciate advice from working professionals.

For another class assignment, students needed to research the different cultures in relation to business from different countries. For this, she collaborated with alumni from across the globe - Japan, Australia, UEA and USA to connect with students via Skype. Students were able to get an in-depth understanding of intercultural awareness in the workplace.

Miriam has also held guest lectures, with topics ranging from how to prevent a burnout to working with a charity like Kika. Additionally, she has arranged company visits such as to the Nike European headquarters or Nuon/Vattenfall Dutch Headquarters. Lastly, Míriam hosts a monthly dinner called Cena Gezellig, which gives former students the chance to speak Dutch and Spanish together, sharping their language skills. Not to mention that it is a great networking opportunity. 

Míriam always remembers her students (and now alumni) and is willing to help them in any way possible. Whether that entails helping them network for their careers, offering advice, improving their Spanish, recommendations or just to say hello.

Míriam would like to stay/ get in touch with you since she values your knowledge and expertise. Current students love to hear about your personal experiences and by doing so, you offer inspiration to them as they begin careers themselves.

If you are interested in helping current AMSIB students, please contact Corrine at c.j.van.vliet@hva.nl or if you would like to participate in Cena Gezellig reach out to Miriam at m.m.olid@hva.nl or +31629148034.

We look forward to hearing from you!