Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Amsterdam Research Institute for Societal Innovation

dr. J.W. Metz (Judith)

Professor of Youth Spot

Judith Metz (1969) is a Professor of Youth Spot, youth work in major cities. Within the broad field of welfare and participation, she focuses on youth work, welfare, professionalisation and civil society. She uses her knowledge on participation issues and exclusion processes to contribute to the further professionalisation of youth work. The Research Group researches how young people can be encouraged to participate in the community at a time in which tolerance, space, resources and opportunities for young people are on the decline.

Judith studied Women’s Studies and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at the Radboud University. Her thesis ‘ Het gekraakte ideaal, omgangsvormen en seksisme binnen de links radicale beweging’ (The broken ideal. Sexism and solidarity within the radical left social movement in the Netherlands) was published by Ravijn. In 2006, Judith was awarded her doctorate at the University for Humanistics for her dissertation on ‘ De tweeledige werking van intermediairs voor burgerparticipatie’ (The twofold functioning of intermediaries for the purpose of citizen participation). Judith Metz has headed the Youth Spot Research Group since 2010 and was appointed professor in 2012.

Her recent books include: ‘ Welzijn in de 21ste eeuw’ (Welfare in the 21 st century) (2011), ‘ Het mooie is dat je er niet alleen voor staat’ (The nice thing is you’re not alone) (2013, with J. Sonneveld), Volunteering and Youth Services (2014, with L. Karr and L. Meijs) and ‘ Groepswerk met jongeren in de wijk’ (Group work with young people in the district) (2015, with J. Sonneveld).