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Dissertation Child safety now! by Inge Busschers

Towards effective case management in child protection and youth parole services

15 Nov 2018 00:00 | ARISI

The aim of this dissertation was to acquire knowledge on the feasibility of an integrated and system-based case management approach to child protection and youth parole services. Understanding was needed how such an approach should be designed and what the core elements of such an approach are.

Evaluating the existing case management method for child protection provided insight in important elements for the development of a more effective case management approach. These elements were: a goal-oriented approach, a ‘one family one worker’ approach, and a high-quality application of the method. This empirical evidence supports integration of child protection and youth parole services. Additionally, we provided theoretical evidence for an integrated and systems-based approach.

This dissertation shows the development of the integrated and systems-based approach Intensive Family Case Management (IFCM). The core elements of this approach were examined and also whether this integrated and systems-based approach could be implemented with sufficient quality. The IFCM approach is accompanied with a strong focus on implementation in practice, to assure high quality application in order to effectively support children and youth who’s safety is at stake.

This dissertation demonstrated that it works for case management to follow an evidence based model and that application of an integrated and systems-based model in practice is feasible. However, focus on implementation in daily practice is of uttermost importance. This needs ongoing attention, as high quality application of a systems-based model is not easy.

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