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Care and Support

Amsterdam has a relatively high number of people with a need for care or support. As the city also has a highly diverse population, social cohesion is also under pressure. The Care and Support research group investigates how people with a disability can play a full role in society given these urban issues.

How can people with a disability participate fully in an (urban) society?

Retention of self-sufficiency

One of the results of the decentralisation of tasks concerning long-term support and care is that Amsterdam plays a significant part in the creation of conditions for the retention of self-sufficiency and the promotion of integration of people with a disability. In this light, the research group explores how care in and care by society can be realised for this population group in the city.

Role played by professionals

An important area of focus within this research is the role played by professionals. Three themes are central to the research group’s research programme:

  • informal provision of care and cooperation with professionals;
  • network development and network reinforcement;
  • social inclusion and the role of professionals.
9 March 2023

  dr. ir. M.H. Kwekkeboom (Rick)

Professor Care and Support

Tel: 0621156087
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