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Collaborative partners

The Climate Literacy research group is a joint initiative of AUAS and KNMI, the national knowledge and data centre for weather, climate and seismology. The research group also maintains structural partnerships with research groups, partners in the field, social organisations and businesses.

Participating research groups at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI)

KNMI's mission is to advise society and alert the public to risks in connection with weather, climate and seismology, as well as to mitigate those risks. It plans to present new climate scenarios for the Netherlands in 2023. Many sectors make use of the KNMI climate scenarios, yet KNMI has noted that the intended target groups are not always aware of the information provided by these scenarios and the corresponding supporting material, and that they sometimes fail to correctly interpret the data. More information on the effectiveness of the methods used to communicate and provide climate-related information could assist KNMI in carrying out its stated mission. The Climate Literacy research group is helping to achieve that goal by combining KNMI's own knowledge with knowledge from various research groups and degree programmes at AUAS.

Partners in the field

Various social organisations, businesses and governments are working together with the research group to develop and apply knowledge.

9 March 2023