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Youth Spot

Youth work in an urban area

Both society and youth culture are permanently shifting in Amsterdam. The Youth Spot research group investigates how youth work must innovate to retain its connection to young people and society while at the same time improving in terms of professionalism and effectiveness.

How can youth work innovate to accommodate perpetually changing (youth) culture and developments within society?

The research group focuses on three issues:

  • development-oriented working
  • diversity
  • participation.

Supporting development of young people

How can youth work offer the best possible support to the personal, social and societal development of young people? How does youth work relate to urban issues such as diversity and social exclusion? And how can youth work strengthen participation by young people in a society that is shifting from a welfare state towards a participatory society?

Contributing to the professionalism of youth workers

The practice-oriented research by Youth Spot contributes to professionalisation of youth work throughout the Netherlands. The projects are carried out by mixed teams made up of youth workers, lecturers, researchers and students. Youth Spot organises conferences, gives workshops, lectures and guest seminars, creates educational materials and method descriptions and publishes books and articles.

  dr. S. Sieckelinck (Stijn)

Professor Youth Work

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