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Centre for Applied Research on Business and Economics

Dr. M.G.M. Meerman (Martha)


Dr. Martha Meerman graduated as a social and organisational psychologist. Since march 2018 she is an emiritus professor HRM. Currently Martha works as a scientific advisor for the Amsterdam Institute for Labour issues at the University of Amsterdam (2017- 2022) and is a member of the scientific integrity committee of the AUAS. She also acts as co-sponsoring professor for 3 PhD researchers.

Martha obtained her PhD in 1999 at the University of Leiden with her research into the reactions of native national citizens to immigrant co-workers in work organisations. This is an issue that is still quite relevant today.

Before 2004 Ms. Meerman worked at the University of Amsterdam (1977- 1980), Leiden (1992 – 1999), and the Vrije Universiteit (1999-2004). She worked as an advisor and researcher at the NIA (predecessor to TNO Labour) and INOVA. Assignments arrived partially from government circles and partially from institutions and the private sector.

From 2004 until March 2018 she has filled the position of professor for the differentiated HRM (gHRM) professorship at the AUAS. Her core work was about transitions in the flexible labour market, professionalisation, learning in work organisations and social entrepreneurship. She worked with her circle of expertise on questions of practice fielded by employees/ professionals, by independent entrepreneurs, public bodies and the corporate world.

Martha Meerman has published extensively in the area of ethnic and age diversity, professionalisation and team development.