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Centre for Economic Transformation

Our name is our ambition

The Centre for Economic Transformation (CET) offers a platform where new ideas on economics take shape in practice-oriented research and education. We work together with the business community, social organizations and governments on economic issues that affect society, both nationally and internationally, because we are all connected within one singular large system.

We choose to focus on redesigning business; on advancing new, sustainable approaches in finance, marketing, governance and the labour market, supported by state-of-the-art digital technologies. The CET is primarily aimed at companies and organisations that want to accelerate towards a thriving, regenerative and distributive economy that serves the needs of society while respecting planetary boundaries.

Michiel van Yperen - Transition Manager at MVO (UK: CSR) Nederland

I used to take a neutral stance, but this is no longer an option. Urgency must be put firmly on the agenda. It’s the first step towards transformation. After all, we can do this in academia – get something on the agenda without getting political about it.

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Our name is our ambition. Not just proclaiming transformation, but making it happen. Advancing new sustainable approaches in finance, marketing, governance and the labour market, supported by state-of-the-art digital technologies.

CET is a platform where researchers, teachers and students team up with companies and organizations that want to accelerate towards sustainable, just and future-proof business practices.

Our goal: redesigning business and re-inventing economics by doing.

The CET is closely affiliated with the Faculty of Business & Economics (FBE) and the other AUAS centres of expertise. All AUAS centres of expertise closely collaborate with partners in what is known as the ‘quadruple helix’: the professional field (business and social organisations), government, citizens and knowledge institutions.

Ingrid Wakkee - Professor of Entrepreneurship, AUAS

The CET asks you to make choices. Tough choices. If you join us, you’re ready to adopt the norms of the future.

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With Kate Raworth as AUAS's first Professor of Practice, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences has acquired a fount of inspiration. Kate’s Doughnut Economics truly activates people. However, we are equally inspired by Sustainable Development Goals and other such initiatives. The CET has room for diverse economic models and ideas. We are always open for debate and we encourage everyone to contribute their critical thoughts.

The CET is not just about analysing. It’s also about catalysing. The CET wants to be a catalyst for the transformation of the world of business and economics towards greater sustainability, diversity and digitisation. We want to show what can be done in practice and propagate our findings in areas of education and public debate. Students, teachers and researchers are aching to get started. They are ready to embrace and put to practice the standards and values ​​of the future.

Kate Raworth - Professor of Practice AUAS

It’s not about making things a bit more sustainable or a bit more inclusive – that is so last century. It's time to become regenerative and distributive by design.

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Towards a fair and sustainable economy

By transforming to:

  • new business models

  • co-ownership

  • fair economic ecosystems

  • good work and craftmanship

Published by  Faculty of Business and Economics 21 February 2023