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Lecture: Can a Carbon Currency redefine Climate Economics?

By Dr. Delton Chen, with Q&A afterwards


An inspiring lecture by Australian researcher Dr Delton Chen, entitled: 'Redefining Climate Economics with a Carbon Currency'.

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The climate crisis will not be solved without a lot of extra funding. But where will that come from? In this lecture, Chen argues that central banks are needed to support new climate mitigation policies to limit global warming. He presents an innovative financial instrument, called the 'carbon currency', that will allow us to decarbonise faster and better globally.

Chen is the founder of the Global Carbon Reward (GCR) policy for reducing greenhouse gases and achieving the main objective of the Paris Climate Agreement. He is also known for the fictional novel 'The Ministry for the Future', in which he describes his theory and policy vision. His proposed 'carbon currency' can be used to finance: (1) replacing fossil fuel reserves with clean energy sources, (2) making polluting industries carbon-free and (3) removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

We will conclude with a Q&A with Mr Chen, led by Willem van Winden, lecturer at the HvA and former scientific director of the Centre for Economic Transformation. A number of experts in the room will be asked to give their views on carbon currency.


You are cordially invited to the lecture and contribute your thoughts on how a new financial instrument can contribute to a faster reduction of CO2 emissions! We hope for a valuable exchange of insights and ideas.

Published by  Centre for Economic Transformation 10 November 2023
Dr. Delton Chen


Start date 24 Nov 2023


11:00 - 12:30


Corry Tendeloo Building (CTH) | Business Campus

Fraijlemaborg 133

1102 CV Amsterdam

020 523 6311