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Lori DiVito lector Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship

26 Aug 2021 13:46 | Centre for Economic Transformation

The AUAS Executive Board has appointed Lori DiVito as professor Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship as of August 1st, 2021. The professorship Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) looks at entrepreneurial and innovation processes from a cooperative rather than competitive perspective.

Collaboration requires organizations to manage multiple stakeholders in various interorganizational relations that are increasingly important for firm survival but also necessary to address grand societal challenges and achieve sustainable transformation in industries. The importance of collaborative partnerships is embodied in UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17, that targets the global need to partner for finance, technology, capacity building, knowledge, and expertise to realize the 16 other SDGs.

CIE focuses on several research themes including: open innovation, responsible and inclusive innovation, community/cooperative entrepreneurship and multilateral or bilateral interorganizational relations such as supply chain relations. It is firmly rooted in the context of responsible, social or sustainable business and builds on a track record of current and past research projects and publications.

Lori DiVito

Currently in the Collaborative Networks for Sustainability project, funded by NWO SIA RAAK Pro, DiVito and her research team are studying collaborative value creation and value capture in multistakeholder collaborations focused on circular transformation in the textile industry. A key process of collaborative value creation and value capture is orchestration and key questions include: who orchestrates collaborative partners and how do they orchestrate the partners to achieve collective goals. These orchestration roles and processes lie outside traditional firm boundaries and a better understanding of them is needed to improve the positive impact and results of multistakeholder collaborations.

Lori DiVito joined the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2007 as a lecturer and completed her PhD at University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business School in 2010. Her research interests focus on understanding the dynamics of multistakeholder collaboration and inter-organizational relations, including their formation, governance and internationalization, in the context of innovation and sustainability. Her recent projects focus on longitudinal studies in the textile and fashion industry. The Alliance for Responsible Denim (ARD) project aimed to understand how competitors collaborate together to improve sustainability impact. Her current project Collaborative Networks for Sustainability (CONESU) investigates the role of orchestration in the value creation and capture of multi-stakeholder initiatives.

She has published her work in international peer-reviewed journals including Business & Society, Journal of Business Venturing, Research Policy, Long Range Planning and Small Business Economics. She presents her work at various academic conferences in Europe and the USA. She also has extensive work experience in strategy and marketing for multinational firms.