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First year students explore True Price-model for jeans

HvA Experience, 1 & 2 september

2 Sep 2022 00:00

During the Student Orientation ‘HvA Experience’ last week we ask the festival goers to guess the ‘True Price’ of a pair of 80 euro jeans, e.g. the market price plus the social and environmental costs of a product.

The students Merel (FOO) and Julius (FMR) were the closest in guessing the Centre for Economic Transformation (CET) True Price contest.

The winners have won a €75 gift certificate for groceries at De Aanzet (in the Pijp district). They are the first store in the world to implement True Pricing on many articles and provide you a receipt indicating the True Price.

It was great to speak with some many new students who took the time to think through the supply chain and submit their answers. Answers ranged from €2 over €500, more than the original 80 cost price. Interested to see the answer? Check out the research we used to calculate the answer The True Price of Jeans .

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