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Doughnut Design Tool for businesses: now available!

Towards truly fair and sustainable business

2 Nov 2022 14:38 | Centre for Economic Transformation

Do you want your company to take the step towards the Donut Economy? From now on, you can get started with the Donut Design Tool for businesses. A practical guide with insights and tips to start transforming your business.

The Doughnut Design for Business tool helps you take a sharp look at the deep design of the organisation. The tool includes slides, activities, examples, guidance, print outs, Miro boards and more. This not only provides insight, but also the opportunity for anyone to organise a workshop with one or more companies.

Background Doughnut Design Tool for businesses

The tool was developed by the CET together with Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) and a number of forward-thinking companies. You can attend its festive online launch. During the event, the tool will be presented and you will meet changemakers and thought-leaders who helped create it, including Kate Raworth, Willem van Winden and Erinch Sahan .

Watch the video of the Doughnut Tool presentation