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Amsterdam according to students; Capturing the city

Mapping perceptions of the modern metropolis


This PhD research at CAREM, started in March of 2010, is titled ‘Amsterdam according to the student: a tribal marketing approach’.

Amsterdam and its educational facilities say they have a lot to gain from long-term relationships with a diverse population of higher educated alumni. As yet, however, little is known formally about the way students perceive their connections with Amsterdam, both in the short term as well as the long.

The research questions in this PhD study are aimed at gaining insight into the ways students view and use the city and how they see a possible future in Amsterdam. The research is also aimed at developing a methodology for mapping the diversities of perception and use of the modern-day city. In this way we hope to contribute to the bottom-up exploration of today’s metropolises.

Collaborations have been prepared with institutions of education and research in Paris, Barcelona, Toronto and Los Angeles.

PhD supervisor: prof. dr. J.T. Leerssen


Project Info

Start date 01 Feb 2010