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PhD project


This PhD research project concerns the profession of and professionals in the field of HRM. Research as an approach to professionalisation takes central stage.

Not much is known about research as a tool for professionalisation in the field of HRM - unlike in disciplines such as healthcare and education. The research combines qualitative as well as quantitative methods to broadly explore the HRM field in terms of the degree to which HRM professionals in the Netherlands apply research to their work. It also assesses whether HRM might apply research as a tool for professionalisation. Intervention research is the method of choice for the latter endeavour.

PhD supervisor: dhr. prof. dr. R.F. Poell, Tilburg University


Project Info

Start date 01 Mar 2015
End date 01 Mar 2019


Luca Lopes de Leao Laguna
PhD fellow supervisor Martha Meerman