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Alliance for Responsible Denim


The Alliance for Responsible Denim is an initiative from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Centre for Applied Research on Business and Economics (CAREM), Circle Economy and Made-By.

This project mobilizes and facilitates denim brands in collectively taking initial steps towards improving the ecological sustainability impact of denim production, particularly by establishing measurements, benchmarks and standards for resource use (e.g. chemicals, water, energy) and creating best practices for effective collaboration.

The project’s consortium consists of key stakeholders and experts within the Amsterdam denim industry. Denim brands, together with industry experts form the Alliance for Responsible Denim.

Key project deliverables include the creation and adoption of standards and benchmarks for sustainable denim production and a handbook of best practices for effective collaboration with competitors.

The Alliance for Responsible Denim is funded by SIA-RAAK for a period of two years. The project builds on prior work that was conducted in collaboration with the Network for Business Sustainability at Ivey Business School. The project is now continuing independently.

Project Info

Start date 01 Sep 2016
End date 31 Aug 2018


Zita Ingen-Housz MSc