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Business models for smart cities

Smarter, more sustainable metropolis


Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) initiates and facilitates a multitude of innovative projects aimed at making the city smarter and more sustainable. The business concept is a crucial driver of any successful effort to make a smart city reality and so many different partners are involved.

A substantial body of knowledge has been amassed over time regarding the setup and management of these innovative projects and the development of related business models. This knowledge is however implicit and mainly resides in the minds of project leaders and partners. ASC has expressed the desire to determine the drivers of success and failure of business concepts deployed within its projects and to make these insights available to third parties. New smart city projects may profit from knowledge derived from these earlier projects.

Research goal

The goal of the research is to bring these drivers of success behind smart city projects to the fore and to determine how a sound business model and business case might be developed and applied.


The AUAS is an active knowledge partner at multiple ASC projects. The Urban Technology programme is a partner to ASC. Within the AUAS, the project is a collaboration between the research teams of Entrepreneurship, Urban Technology and Urban Management.

Project Info

Start date 05 Nov 2014