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Collectively online



The economic crisis, a surplus of shop floor space, outdated business models and continually rising sales through the internet are putting pressure on today’s shopping areas. Visitor numbers are dwindling, revenues are falling and bankruptcies and vacant lots are on the rise.

The entrepreneur collective as a solution

Collectives of entrepreneurs may offer a solution. Through the application of internet technologies these collectives try to enlarge the reach of their marketing efforts, become more attractive to consumers and enhance the area’s appeal. Many shopping-area-based entrepreneur collectives prove only marginally successful however, nationally as well as internationally. Time for substantive research into the success and failure factors.


The project ‘Collective Online’ to bring new insights to owners of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and to collectives about the way entrepreneur collectives in urban shopping areas may strengthen their business models using internet technologies.

The project should also result in a toolkit for these collectives to support their collective marketing and sales efforts.

To realise the goals of the project research is conducted into:

  1. The added value to consumers from internet technology based marketing;
  2. Business models applied by entrepreneur collectives in urban shopping areas and the existing marketing activities based on internet technology;
  3. Success and failure factors for entrepreneur collectives in urban shopping areas;

The impact of collective marketing activities for entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in urban shopping areas.

Project Info

Start date 01 Sep 2015
End date 31 Aug 2018