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e-Business readiness scan



Online marketing is almost a must-have for any company. Ever since the rise of the internet the number of online channels for sales and customer interaction has risen dramatically: (mobile) websites, web shops, social media and mobile applications (apps).

The question arises whether companies are actually using these new channels, and how. The 'e-Business Readiness Scan' provides the professorship e-Business with answers to share.


The research takes place in the framework of the minor programme Marketing Tomorrow at the Commercial Economics programme at the AUAS. Students of the minor conduct a survey written by the professorship under mainly SMEs in a certain market sector. Each survey approaches around 110 to 130 companies with a survey about the extent of their online marketing. The research takes place about four times annually depending on the number of students participating in the minor programme.


Besides a survey report, the results are published in professional journals. Since the programme started in 2012 the following reports have appeared (in Dutch):


For more information about the e-Business Readiness Scan, contact professor Jesse Weltevreden .

Project Info

Start date 01 Sep 2012