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Success and failure factors for online stores



The professorship e-Business has chaired the expert group e-Business in the research programme Shopping2020. MarktplaatsZakelijk hosted the initiative.

Shopping2020 is an initiative by Thuiswinkel.org and several sector associations and companies from various market sectors. Shopping2020 works to develop a vision on the future of online sales for products and services in a broad societal context. 'How will the consumer shop online in 2020 and what should be done at the national, sector and enterprise level in order for the corporate Netherlands to successfully play a role?' is the central question in the programme Shopping2020. Nineteen expert groups comprising 600 experts from the field collaborated in the research programme.

The expert group e-Business has looked into the question of which factors influence the survival and growth odds for online stores in various stages of development, which forms of knowledge and support these stores might seek, and which measures might be taken at the enterprise, sector and national level to facilitate better options for online stores.

For more information about this project please contact professor Jesse Weltevreden.

Project Info

Start date 24 Jan 2014