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The development and appreciation of professional skills



This PhD research was started in 2007 and aims to contribute to an alternative to the deficiency reasoning that dominates the main perspective on elderly employees in the working population.

The contribution should not only manifest itself in a theoretical sense, but also in the context of everyday practice. This research flows from the widely felt need to better appreciate elderly employees for their qualities. The Flevohuis and the Westfriese HRM agent for construction companies have formulated the research question for a PhD research project in the field.

This research aims to bring appreciation of elderly employees into the foreground, against the grain of the conventional deficiency reasoning which starts from the idea what elderly cannot do.

Even when discussing the capacity for elderly employees to develop their competencies, the emphasis usually lies on the aging and obsolescence. This research aims to arrive at alternative viewpoints and reasoning.

Project Info

Start date 10 May 2007