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Embedding entrepreneurship at AUAS

with our New 10K Pre-Incubation Program


The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) wants to further expand its reputation as the place where students can develop relevant skills, expertise and networks to either become professional entrepreneurs who build and grow innovative and sustainable businesses or entrepreneurial professionals who can navigate and be employable in the rapidly changing labor market.

Over the past 15 years, entrepreneurship education has been key to achieving this ambition; offering multiple minors, tracks and masters in entrepreneurship, more than thousand students are introduced to entrepreneurship annually, and a number of successful firms have emerged from this. Recently the AUAS introduced a more comprehensive program to stimulate and support the entrepreneurial mentality among students and staff including a research program, special arrangements for student-entrepreneurs, and various extra-curricular programs to inspire, foster ideation and support impact creation. The flagship of this program is the AUAS’ 10K pre-incubator program.

Reference Wakkee, I., & van Grevenhof, B. (2018). Embedding entrepreneurship at AUAS: with our New 10K Pre-Incubation Program. In Embedding entrepreneurship education: for student entrepreneurship, and a collaborative start-up culture in Europe (special issue ed., Vol. 2018, pp. 42-44). (University Industry Innovation Magazine). University Industry Innovation Network.

Publication date

Jan 2018


Bart van Grevenhof


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