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How to engage an organization in evidence-based practice


Introducing new methods in existing organizations is a challenging task. Having introduced evidence-based practice in their organizations, the authors found that steps recommended for individuals can also serve as a road map for organizations. They share their experience of how specific challenges can be met.

In director Guy Ritchie’s movie adaptation of “Sherlock Holmes”, the famous detective exclaims to his friend Watson, “It’s a matter of professional integrity. No girl wants to marry a doctor who can’t tell if a man is dead or not”. This sentiment captures the essence of why we think, with Denise Rousseau (2006), that evidence-based practice is part of the zeitgeist moving professional decisions away from personal preference and unsystematic experience toward those based on the best available evidence. Much of our discussion here is based on our own experience of introducing evidence-based practice in organizations. This includes issues like improving the quality of decision.

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Reference Puyt, R., & Loose , M. (2016). How to engage an organization in evidence-based practice. Controlling and management review, 60(1), 14-21 .

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Jan 2016


Richard Puyt
Maxime Loose
Maxime Loose
Maxime Loose

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