City Net Zero


A snapshot of what we are doing right now.

1. Developing practice-oriented, interdisciplinary and innovative research

We develop and support practice-oriented, interdisciplinary and innovative research. Identifying relevant and important lines of research, securing seed and strategic funding, gathering research and applications partners and bringing it all together through network meetings and professional matchmaking.

2. Synergizing interaction between research, education and practice

We synergise interaction between research, education and practice by, for example, setting up (living) labs, learning communities and communities of practice, and creating/participating in strategic alliances. We organise fun and exciting events where partners from education, research and society can meet and share their ideas. We promote knowledge exchange between programmes and professorships and develop Lifelong Learning (LLO) pathways for and by education and practice partners. And, perhaps uniquely, we are educational innovators: we develop and provide Minors and Master's degree programmes around current sustainability and climate change issues.

3. Aiming for societal impact

We aim for high societal impact. We share what we learn in public/ professional/scientific themed seminars and develop a variety of knowledge-sharing tools such as podcasts, publications in professional journals, exhibitions and visits to industrial sites, research labs and academic institutions.

Published by  City Net Zero 1 September 2023