City Net Zero


Together towards a rapid transition

Three globally-critical, overlapping and interconnected themes give the Centre of Expertise City Net Zero its focus: Zero Emissions, Zero Waste and Zero Impact of Climate Extremes.

Zero emissions

Achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region (MRA)? This requires multi-disciplinary research and innovation that supports city planners and policy makers across many policy domains. We are focussing on developing roadmaps for the built environment, the electrical grid and sustainable transport.

Zero waste

Perhaps the most challenging goal is a wasteless, 100% circular society in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region. We have already begun by introducing the multi-year, interdisciplinary programme CIRCOLLAB. This growing network of multiple partners identifies which technical, social, and economic innovations are needed in the MRA to accelerate the circular transition.

Zero impact of climate extremes

With our changing climate, how can we make our cities less vulnerable to extreme weather events such as heat waves or heavy rainfall? Again, it's about translating science into practice and identifying and attracting professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to make the urban transition a success. For professionals we have developed for instance a Climate Adaptation Learning Programme (in Dutch), so government officials can immediately incorporate substantive knowledge into their work on climate-proofing public spaces.

Published by  City Net Zero 1 September 2023