Hogeschool van Amsterdam

CREATE-IT applied research

Mr  R.A. van Rozen (Riemer)

Riemer van Rozen is a lecturer/researcher at the AUAS since 2011. He works as a PhD associate at the Software Analysis & Transformation group of Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), and as principal investigator and project leader of the RAAK-MKB project Live Game Design at the Play & Civic Media group. He is a researcher in the Agile Language Engineering associate team of CWI and Inria. He lectures at the Software Engineering and Game Development departments of HBO- ICT, and he leads the course Software Evolution in the Master of Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam. His expertise includes model transformation, software language engineering, live programming, meta-programming, tool construction, procedural content generation, game mechanics and game design assistants. He has worked as a researcher on the projects Early Quality Assurance in Software Production (EQuA RAAK-PRO) and the Automated Game Design (RAAK-MKB), and currently researches technology for live game design.