Minor Entrepreneurship For Society

Pilot program AUAS faculties FBE and FMR (Social Sciences)

‘Entrepreneurship for Society’ (EfS) is a new transdisciplinary minor program on social entrepreneurship at AUAS. Students, teachers, researchers and partners from the field of social entrepreneurship (SE) collaborate, reinforcing a new perspective on the economy by offering students an experience-based introduction in SE. Development of the minor is a three-year project with three experimental aspects: 1) Strengthening connections research – education; 2 ) Transdisciplinary cooperation; 3) Interdepartmental organization.

The development of the minor EfS is an experimental project in three phases: 1) Program design (2019). This included pedagogical and didactical principles; involvement of stakeholders; and course design. 2) Two experimental runs (2020). From February 2020-January 2021, the program was run in two consecutive semesters. 3) Further development (2021). After a semester focused on reflection and redesign, the minor is run again from September 2021, followed by final evaluation.


Entrepreneurship Education – Social Entrepreneurship


Maarten Hogenstijn

Claudia Cuypers

Ingrid Wakkee

Others involved

Hendrik-Jan Trooster

Samme Grünfeld


Minor program attached to FBE and FMR, officially connected to Social Work

Scientific publications

Abu Ghazaleh, N., Cremers, X., Hogenstijn, M., Sprenger, S., Trooster, H-J., & Koomen, M. (2019). Entrepreneurship for Society: developing a transdisciplinary minor program. Poster presented at Higher Education Conference 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Professional publications

Ondernemen voor positieve maatschappelijke impact: ondernemerschapsproeftuin Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020. https://research.hva.nl/en/activities/ondernemen-voor-positieve-maatschappelijke-impact-ondernemerschap



Contact details

Claudia Cuypers - c.cuypers@hva.nl

Published by  Entrepreneurship 10 May 2021