C. Cuypers (Claudia)

Onderzoeker Ondernemerschap Claudia Cuypers- | HvA
020 523 6311
Work address:
Fraijlemaborg, Fraijlemaborg 133, 1102 CV Amsterdam
Postal address:
Postbus 814,1000 AV Amsterdam
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Claudia Cuypers is an education and research associate at the Research Group Entrepreneurship at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In her role, she is involved in the minor Entrepreneurship for Society (EfS) and research focused on impact entrepreneurship.

In her work, Claudia concentrates on topics related to sustainability and entrepreneurship with social impact. Claudia earned her bachelor's degree in Language and Culture Studies and her master's degree in Arts Policy and Management from Utrecht University. For years, she worked in art and cultural education.

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