Responsible Dynamic Digital Change Agents (RDDCA) for Food and Beverage SMEs

DigiFABS aims to promote digital, resilience, and innovation skills to optimize the management of digital transformation in small and medium-sized businesses in the F&B processing sector.

More than 10 scientists from the fields of Engineering/IT, Agriculture/Nutrition, and Business, along with 100 students from various disciplines, will participate in this project. Additionally, over 15 SMEs from the sector will take part in the pilot program, including (1) a multidisciplinary action learning summer school where students will be challenged to develop theoretical and practical digital, green, and resilience skills of an RDDCA. Furthermore, (2) a pilot will be conducted through bootcamps for educators and F&B SMEs to support an RDDCA challenge in their region. Ultimately, all materials, including introductory MOOCs, will be made publicly available.

The consortium for DigiFABS comprises 14 partners from higher education institutions, vocational training centers, businesses, and network organizations. These partners represent 7 European regions with varying levels of digitalization and strong involvement in the F&B sector.

Duration project

01-02-2024 untill 01-02-2024


Do you want to participate or contribute? Contact one of the researchers and find out how you can contribute to the digital future of the F&B sector!

Published by  Entrepreneurship 15 December 2023