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Degrees of Engagement (DoE) Het Samen


The goal of DoE Het Samen are: 1. Understanding stakeholder configurations to support stakeholder engagement decisions, 2. Building a consortium of parties that will continue the project by conducting longitudinal research into using the extension of the DoE diagram and making a working prototype, and testing the digital version of it. The project is from February 2021 to January 2022.

The degrees-of-engagement tool will be further developed by researching:

1. The attributes at the individual level and potential new characteristics at the project and organization level,

2. The extent to which these attributes influence the determination of the appropriate incentives, the realization of partner interests and the successful or unsuccessful progress of innovation projects,

3. An exploration of a digital version.


(Collaborative) Business Models


Richard A. Martina

Ingrid I. A. Wakkee

Others involved

Marije Poel

Marco L. M. van Hees

Marcio Fuckner

Inge F. Oskam


Students participate in data collection and developing a digitized version of the diagram

Contact details

Richard A. Martina - r.a.martina@hva.nl

Published by  Entrepreneurship 3 June 2021