Fawaka - Impact-driven entrepreneurship education for children

Collaboration Amsterdam Impact, AUAS and Fawaka

Fawaka Entrepreneurship school introduces impact-driven entrepreneurship to children in Amsterdam. They start projects in which children can gain knowledge about sustainability and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Around 400 children (age 9-12 years old) will follow a Fawaka program in 2021. Together with Amsterdam Impact, the Impact Entrepreneurship Program of the City of Amsterdam, AUAS monitors the impact, using a mixed methods approach with focus on questioning the participating children and their parents.

Parallel to the research in Amsterdam, a possible follow-up of this project internationally is explored. The aim is to form an international research consortium on impact-driven entrepreneurship education for children. AUAS and the City of Amsterdam are identifying potential consortium partners from around the world.


Entrepreneurship Education – Social Entrepreneurship


Maarten Hogenstijn

Claudia Cuypers

Ingrid Wakkee

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Maarten Hogenstijn - m.hogenstijn@hva.n

Published by  Entrepreneurship 18 October 2022