Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship Education for Children

IDEEC is an international research project on the effects of impact-driven entrepreneurship education for primary school children. The project is a collaboration of the AUAS with Amsterdam Impact, Fawaka Entrepreneurship School and 6 international partners in four countries.

IDEEC stands for 'Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship Education for Children'. The aim of the study is to form an international research consortium on the theme of impact-driven entrepreneurship education for children, in which knowledge on similar programmes will be exchanged and further developed.

IDEEC's partners aim to support entrepreneurship education providers, teachers and policymakers in designing effective impact-driven programmes for children aged 9-15. This will help these children learn to develop entrepreneurship solutions to environmental and social issues.

IDEEC is the international follow-up to the Fawaka research project, which was completed in July 2022. The research project is funded by the European grant programme Erasmus+ and will run until September 2025.

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Published by  Entrepreneurship 19 December 2022