Mapping Microplastics


Mapping Microplastics was a first exploratory workshop (part of the Entrepreneurship Program at HvA) with researchers and entrepreneurs to map how the public discourse on microplastics develops on Twitter.

The preparation of this workshop followed a hybrid approach in three steps: preliminary mapping, joint interpretation and annotation, map redesign and feedback.

The preliminary mapping was performed by designing a query to collect tweets around the topic of Microplastics. To perform the data collection and preliminary analysis we used TCAT (Twitter Capturing and Analysis Toolset), a tool developed by the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam. A set of four maps was designed to address different sub questions through different visual models: networks of hashtags and users, image grids organized by time and frequency, alluvial diagrams and lists of most interacted with tweets. These maps were used in a joint interpretative hybrid session: the visual material was printed and sent to each partner. With the facilitation of designers and researchers, entrepreneurs annotated the printed maps in parallel online sessions.

A plenary final meeting after the workshop was organized in order to discuss future developments of their research, and compiled a walk-through report afterwards to recap the workshop session and have feedback on their future intents with the results.

Others professorships

AUAS Visual Metholodogies Collective

Sabine Niederer, Federica Bardelli, Carlo De Gaetano, Maarten Groen, Wouter Meys

Companies involved

Bubble Barrier


Plastic Soup


Series of maps and internal report

Published by  Entrepreneurship 1 April 2022