Mind the Gap


Mind the Gap explores the process of realizing societal impact in applied research. At AUAS, our research is usually performed in consortia with partners from industry, which requires researchers to show an entrepreneurial spirit in stimulating cocreation with stakeholders from different societal sectors. What helps, and what hinders researchers in the applied sciences to take this role, and realize societal impact?

The project studies six cases – projects of AUAS – to learn from project leads, researchers and partners about the experiences and challenges faced in cocreating societal value through applied research projects. The project runs from October 2020 until December 2021. It involves two CoEs, four AUAS professorships, the Innovation Exchange Centre IXA, and the University Industry Innovation Network.


(Collaborative) Business Models – Social Entrepreneurship


Iteke van Hille


University Industry Innovation Network Conference, 14-16 June 2021

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Iteke van Hille (i.van.hille@hva.n)

Published by  Entrepreneurship 18 October 2022