IXANext Measures for Entrepreneurship Education

Pan-Amsterdam HEI’s collaboration (October 2016-December 2021)

This project seeks to promote and develop entrepreneurship education (EE) across HEI’s in Amsterdam. In order to bring EE to a higher level in our region, a number of initiatives have been developed and employed.

Currently there are six ongoing measures:


Entrepreneurship Education

Business models

Project leader

Ingrid Wakkee

Others involved

Mirjam Leloux (IXA UvA HvA) – overall program management

Bram Kuijken (UvA) – Mentorpool

Joris Ebbers (UvA)– Entrepreneurship Cases

Enno Masurel (VU) – Entrepreneurship Cases

Karen Veduijn (VU) Pilots in Blended Learning

Jeanne Martens (HvA) Post-experience

Bart van Grevenhof (HvA) 10K Preincubator

Judith Prins – AHK


Programs, activities and tools developed as part of IXANext Measures for Entrepreneurship Education are open and available to all educators and students in the domain of entrepreneurship in Amsterdam (asnd beyond)


Scientific publications

  • Martina, R. A., & Göksen, S. (2020). Developing Educational Escape Rooms for Experiential Entrepreneurship Education. Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy, 2515127420969957.

Professional publications



ROADS AHEAD FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION (RAFEE) – April 17 2019 Amsterdam. Organized by Karen Verduijn. With oa Martin Lackeus, Marco van Gelderen, Bart van Grevenhof as keynote speakers. Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 November 16-20 2020. Organized by AUAS Venture Centre and Professorship of Entrepreneurship

Contact details

Website: https://www.ixa.nl/valorisation-program-ixanext/entrepreneurship-education/

E-mail: i.wakkee@hva.nl

Published by  Entrepreneurship 18 October 2022