The role of Sales in Entrepreneurial Failure

Professional Doctorate Trajectory

The personal selling role is a vital role for owner-managers to help their business survive and become successful. Entrepreneurs often struggle with this role.

Role of sales - De Groot & Wakkee, 2022

Source: De Groot & Wakkee, 2022

Based on the analysis of the Project Fenix data, we concluded that ineffective sales actions contribute to business failure. The reasons are the lack of time and personal sales skills. Plus, some owner-managers just hate having to sell.

Interviews with owner-manager for insights

Based on these results, twelve in-depth interviews were conducted with owner-managers of (B-to-B) SMEs, specifically about their sales role. The data from these interviews is used to understand how owner-managers behave in this role. Through this dissertation, we will hopefully learn lessons in the coming years about how owner-managers conduct personal sales activities and what needs to be improved in this role to increase the likelihood of recovery from difficulties in their lives.

The practical aim of this project is to support (future) entrepreneurs, students of entrepreneurship, policy makers and professionals who advise entrepreneurs on the interface of Sales and Entrepreneurship.

Project leader

Published by  Entrepreneurship 9 February 2022